So, what's my story?

As a heavy user of computing technologies in all aspects of life, I have an acute understanding of just how important the experience of using an application is to the success of your story. Be it your Internet presence or a Business or Entertainment application, how your customers interact with your brand and your story can mean the difference between Facebook and Failure.

The World Wide Web works on openness and sharing. Making your story freely available to your customers is far more likely to improve brand awareness and revenue than making customers pay first. The popular 'Freemium' business model is sweeping Internet-based services and products like wildfire, mirroring the success of 'Shareware' from the 90's, showing that people would love to hear your story. Once they've heard the first chapter, they'll be sure to want more.

This philosophy should permeate all layers of the working process. No matter the best of intentions, a complicated system will lead to a complicated user experience, one that will drive away the most important segment of your market; those with options. Everything from the Website to the Database, your systems should be geared to get your story out there, into the hands of your customers so they can be a part of it, and the easier it is, the bigger their role.

So, contact me, and let's tell your story together.

— Matthew Garnett-Frizelle – Freelance User Experience Engineer